London…Exhausts Me


I missed the tickets for ‘You Me Bum Bum Train’ again. Their seventh interactive Barbican-backed show sold out in minutes, before my weary fingers could do the walking.

I haven’t seen the ‘Superpowers’ exhibition at the Wellcome people keep telling me about. It’s just around the corner but I haven’t got there yet.

I’d like to see the thing about Alan Turing at the Science Museum. Can’t find the time at the moment. Tried to get tickets for ‘The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night-Time’ but apparently it’s sold out. Didn’t get around to The Dark Knight Rises – I’ll catch it on DVD. Haven’t seen the Shakespeare exhibition at the British Museum. Heard it’s great. Watched some of the Olympics events – haven’t got to the stadium yet.

I think I’ve got London Fatigue. Too much of everything, all the time, and it’s impossible to keep up. It’s been revealed that on average, Londoners see more plays, films and art exhibitions than anyone else. But everyone I know is just working, working all the time, then going home exhausted – who are these people who do so much? Don’t they have jobs? And how do they get to the front of the queue so quickly?

Maybe the answer is to go somewhere far away, where you can’t do anything – then come back and just do the things you feel really passionate about. Except there won’t be any tickets left, because everything now is reservable, timed, arranged in advance. And the winter month see no slow-down in the arrival of tourists.

3 comments on “London…Exhausts Me”

  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Well yes, I expect so. You do live in London. You’re always busy busy.
    And you must be thinking of the new digs in Spain.
    If the problem persists, follow the advice of the Energizer Bunny and check your batteries.
    Now where the heck is the d–ned postal person with that still Invisible Code.

  2. John Howard says:

    Well, yes, i understand what you mean about the seeming impossibility of being able to book tickets for something in london in this wonderful electronic age. I have been online at least twice to book tickets, fingers poised and then pressing book now at exactly the time quoted, only to end up disappointed. Strangely enough the sister web site attached to these booking sites seem to have plenty to sell at inflated prices later on. P****d off of Herts.
    Oh and of course it doesn’t help having to produce things for us grateful readers to enjoy…..

    Sorry Dan, I am currently enjoying my copy of Invisible Code greatly.

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    ///////////////////……………….. John, you just flatlined me…..

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