Monthly Archives: July 2012

Not Invisible After All

‘Bryant & May and the Invisible Code’ is now visible. I know because some poor sod lugged a massive crate of copies up the five floors to my gaffe. Compo time next week – I have been compiling fiendish clues to confound and bemuse…watch this space!

Eve of the Olympiad

Not strictly true, as the Olympics already began with Women’s Football in Wales drawing the ‘Who Cares’ card. They managed to project a North Korean flag with South Korean players (or was it the other way around?) and the team walked off – so that’s off to a good start then. But this is England […]

Au Revoir, Champagne!

So they thought our mothers were hamsters and our fathers smelled of elderberries, did they? Well, for years the French conned the world about their overpriced acidic antifreeze-pimped drink, but California proved them wrong a few years back in blind taste tests, and now it seems that the English are finally catching on too. Back […]

I’m Not With The Brand

If I opened a toy shop selling coloured hoops, could I arrange them in the Olympic symbol without the design police kicking my door in and creating a veritable kristallnacht of my display? I’ve seen some very funny creative ways of avoiding the problem, least of all the range of shirts and bags bearing the […]

A Cult Comeback

This is about a book that begins like this: There’s blood everywhere, and none of it’s where it’s supposed to be. On the carpet. On the curtains. All over me. And I know it won’t wash out because this shirt is pure silk. If you don’t want to ruin silk, never sneeze in a Starbucks […]

Cinema Shooting: Hollywood’s Response

Hollywood’s reaction to the Aurora massacre has been relatively circumspect and sensitive. Trailers for ‘Gangster Squad’, which show glamorised thugs killing in a cinema, have been pulled, but there’s an understanding that screen violence has no direct link to such crimes. Compare this to the bizarre UK linking of the Jamie Bulger killers, opportunistic MP […]

Oi, Did You Call My Pint A Poof?

A friend pointed out the massive impropriety of there now being a Prada outlet in Stratford East, but I’m not surprised. The rebirth of the East End is unavoidable now that the Olympics are set there (Another etiquette note for Olympic visitors – go for a walk around Bethnal Green, preferably in February in the […]

Boris Johnson’s Olympic Welcome – Crikey!

Cassetteboy is back, bringing my first laugh-out-loud moment of the day. Well OF COURSE we all hate Sebastian Coe but this is still surreal genius. As is the TV series ‘Twenty Twelve’, which should be a box set.

I Say, Is This Cricket?

Watch those slippery French! Their organisation, the Préparation Olympique et Paralympique, is trying to boost wins via surveillance, under the direction of a man they called the Frog James Bond.The US is also seeking an Olympic edge through stealth; someone from their BMX team surreptitiously rode the competition course in London with a three-dimensional mapping […]

Neglected Films No.9 – ‘The Last Of Sheila’

There are only a handful of really successful whodunnits on film. I retain a soft spot for ‘Sleuth’ (the original, not the appalling remake) even though advancements in makeup effects have ruined the plot’s big reveal. Who can resist Olivier’s waspish snob asking working-class Michael Caine; ‘And where do you live? Above, behind or below […]