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Alan Morgan has posted an interview with me chatting about Bryant & May on his site, and you can find that here. You’ll find all sorts of oddities there involving nerds, book trailers and bath salts, all couched in his very quirky writing style. And you thought I was ‘Deep English’.

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  1. Alan Morgan says:

    Ta Chris! Oddly, ‘Deep English’ was actually my code name when I blew the lid off the whole Haruld Steptoe/MI5 thing back in the 70s.

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    Interesting interview.
    I have found The Casebook of Bryant & May on Midtown Comics, but not Amazon. Midtown writes it’s an annual publication! Don’t say it isn’t so.
    Amazon lists a “lost’ story: Invisible Ink. What this about?
    Strangely, Alan, I keep hearing Shirley Bassey singing “Deep English” may this clear up quickly.

  3. ‘Invisible Ink’ hasn’t come out yet. Wait until October – it’s my non-fiction volume about forgotten authors.

    ‘The Casebook of Bryant & May is an annual, in the sense that it’s a bit like a Beano annual. And yes, I do hope it’s an annual event. It’s being published by PS.

  4. glasgow1975 says:

    Ooh a B&M annual! how 70s 🙂

  5. J. Folgard says:

    The Casebook of Bryant & May is also available for pre-order in this month’s Previews # 287 (it’s Diamond Distributors’ monthly catalog, you can use it in most comic shops). Just flip to the PS Artbooks section page 333, it’s here along with a slew of nice hardcover horror reprints. Can’t wait!

  6. Helen Martin says:

    So now I have to find the nearest comic shop?! Horrors, I wonder if they’ll even let me in.

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