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Here you go, Annie, knock yourself out.

Annie Morgan (related to Alan? I’m forming a 3D map of my readers) asked for a comment spot, and in the absence of anywhere else to do so – my web designed having mysteriously vanished – you might like to have a bash here.

Today’s picture is by the artist David Gentleman from his lovely new book ‘London, You’re Beautiful’, and shows the rooftops of Camden Town.

10 comments on “A place where one can comment generally on Christopher Fowler’s books, without interrupting an incomprehensible thread”

  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Good idea, but I’m certain we can weave a tangled web in no time.
    Now that the Olympics have opened, and the games have begun, we can look forward to the really important news: Only five more days (in Britian) until the new Bryant & May! For us on the rim, may the Royal Mail win a Gold for record delivery.

  2. Alan Morgan says:

    No relation to my knowledge.

  3. snowy says:

    ♫ ♪

    Annie are you ok?
    So, Annie are you ok?
    Are you ok Annie?

    Annie are you ok?
    Will you tell us that you’re ok?……

    ♪ ♫

  4. Lostintown says:

    Perhaps the disappearance of Annie is the central crime in the latest Bryant & May?
    Very clever….
    I see what you’ve done there admin.

    Oh yes,You may have fooled the others but not this cookie.

  5. Helen Martin says:

    I love those chimney pots, although they’re a sort of strange shape and look as if something eerie might be preparing to land amongst them. The house is rather lost in greenery as if it had been abandoned some time ago and was slowly settling into the earth, but was preparing for a last role of some importance before yielding to sleep…. sorry got carried away a little there. You’ll have to keep this spot moving up the right hand column – come on, Annie, it’s your space to use.

  6. chris mccall says:

    Just when I thought I couldn’t like Kermode and Mayo’s film reviews any more than I already do….this week Mark Kermode name checks Spanky and calls it an interesting book.(it was part of a bit he did on a new indie film that the director was mooted as directing a film version of spanky)

  7. admin says:

    I have to ‘fess up that Mark and I are old mates. He’s a very decent chap and a film obsessive like me. As you’ll see when ‘Film Freak’ comes out next year.

  8. snowy says:

    Come on Annie, you get your own special thread, and nary a squeek. Don’t worry if it appears a bit rumbustious, it’s only play.

    Sorry Helen, but [takes out clipboard, licks pencil] those chimneys are in a shocking state, they are both on the wonk, and the one on the left has got a very ominous bulge in it. Bear in mind that they are perched over a very thin slate roof, and if they topple they will go straight through it and into the bedroom below.

    They look late Victorian when a lot of very poor quality “jerry-built” housing was thrown up, hence the all the “chimney doctors” fitted to make the fireplaces draw properly.


  9. Helen Martin says:

    The bulge could just be poor bricklaying, which would match with the jerry-built housing. (Do not start a discussion on that phrase, by the way, because there are a number of variants each with a selection of origins.)Looking closer I believe those chimneys belong to a building on the far side of the street and the house in the foreground is a much smaller and more ruinous one.

  10. snowy says:

    Hi Helen, I’ve always been a bit wary of chimneys, since way back when I was just a tiny little flake. A classmate of mine lost their father after one collapsed, and people tend to neglect them. For reasons to dull to list I spent some time on roofs, and the horrors we would find. Whole chimney stacks the size and weight of a small car, so frost damaged, you could rock them with one hand.

    Now why did I come back to this thread…..

    Ah yes Annie, I was looking around for somewhere that better fits your request, and I was reminded of here (scroll down for the forum)

    It’s a little bit dusty and underused at the moment, but with a new book out soon. It might be just the place for discussions without dropping spoilers in the comments here.

    And there is a certain Defiant personality on there as well 😉 (not me I hasten to add.)

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