It Came from the Stores

London, Observatory

Were you ever creeped out by the Alfred Hitchcock Hour episode ‘The Jar’? Or any of Ray Bradbury’s weird carnival tales? Well, on the night of Tuesday 17th July at 6.30pm in the JZ Young Theatre, Anatomy Building, University College London, Gower Street, WC1E 6BT, the Grant Museum Curator Mark Carnall will be performing an interactive show-and-tell with some of the more curious objects that he has uncovered in their storerooms.

And as my good friend Michele Slung made me the proud sponsor of a mutated-looking spiny lobster in a jar for Christmas, it’s about time I visited it.
The backstage areas of any zoology museum are crammed with incredible specimens collected over the centuries. In this one-off event the Museum’s Curator is going to tell the stories of some of the more mysterious and wonderful objects in his care. Questions like “What is that?”, “Why does it look like that?” and “What is making that awful smell?” will be at the centre of the discussions.

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  1. Jez Winship says:

    Old museums and places like the anatomy building are the perfect setting for telling tales – full of hushed atmosphere. We had a great day in our museum down here in Exeter (winner of this year’s Artfund prize for museum of the year!), during which you’d come across actors playing out mini-dramas centred around various objects – be they civil war helmets, eccentric misericord carvings, stuffed animals, African carvings or a fifties ballroom dancing gown. It was really well done and brought the place and the objects in it alive in a quite magical way.

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