Coming Soon: Another London Treasure Hunt!

Bryant and May, London

I vowed I would never do it again, but last time I met so many interesting readers that I’m having another go to celebrate the launch of ‘Bryant & May and the Invisible Code’. After all, if you can’t create puzzles around a book with the word ‘code’ in the title, when can you?

Yes, the Great London Treasure Hunt is set to return, and I daresay some of you now know the form; I leave you daily clues on this site for a week, you decipher them and head for the spot (ideally not getting there before me. Yes, Mr Groves, I’m talking to you). Hpefully, you’ll be rewarded with a brand spanking new first edition of the latest Bryant & May novel, signed and dated by the author, and this time there’ll be runner-up prizes too.

I won’t be able to wrap up the books as, with the Olympics approaching, such packages left in public places are liable to be detonated. Then hit with missiles. And I’ll be extradited to Guantanamo Bay and left to rot for years without being charged. Such is the price of freedom.

Watch this space.

12 comments on “Coming Soon: Another London Treasure Hunt!”

  1. Wayne says:

    Sounds like such fun. Already have mine on order… Delivery date is set for my Special day….

  2. keith page says:

    Nice cover!

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    Guantanamo Bay has lots of sunshine and is quite warm. Compare to London, which has neither, and is about to get very crowded. English is spoken along with other languages. Palm trees, too.

  4. admin says:

    Not struck on the donkey jackets though.

  5. glasgow1975 says:

    I would suggest leaving the books in places where you’d be able to give it to a person for safekeeping, with instructions to place it wherever you wanted it at say 9am, then posting your clue yourself at 9.30. Gets around both the ‘suspicious package’ & ‘getting there before you’ aspects.
    I’m sure you can think of plenty of great ‘venues’ that would be happy to help, with the plus that being indoors your lovely books won’t be pulp by the time they’re found!

  6. Steve says:

    Good grief, you’re wearing a suit!

    We MAY be coming to London in September, too late for all the fun. Damn.

  7. Mary Shen Barnidge says:

    This comment is logged into the wrong section, but you’d closed off the correct one.

    End of your contract, nonsense! Tell your publisher that a group of fans here in Chicago await every new Peculiar Crimes Unit story with more anticipation than we do elections, sports championships and winter snows. Yours is the London we all imagine roaming in search of—and finding—adventure, if we were only younger and richer (much as Sara Paretsky’s Chicago is where many of your countryfolk dream of touring).

    Looking forward to reading Invisible Code with a map of London at my elbow.

    Mary Shen Barnidge

  8. stephen groves says:


    All best


  9. Harriette says:

    Last night, actually early this morning, I finished “On the Loose”. It was my first excursion into the world of Bryant & May. You’ve got me hooked on these characters and stories. I’m a librarian in the U.S. For the next mystery readers group, at least one Bryant & May will be included. Your treasure hunt will be wonderful fun. Perhaps our library should copy you and do that. Foraging for Fowler – (Finding Forrester). Ha. No matter. Sharing and talking about your series will be fun. Thanks.

  10. Rebecca M says:

    When with The Invisible Code be available in the US?

  11. Mary Shen says:

    Your fans in the U.S. are rallying, you see. I don’t know where Harriette and Rebecca live, but America’s a ruddy big country. The Invisible Code will NOT be the last of Bryant & May!

  12. Sandy Schrag says:

    I agree with Helen Martin’s coment of July 28, 2011 – please don’t give us “Americanisms.” It’s fun to read about lorries and frocks, etc.
    I just purchased all the B & M books in one fell swoop; probably made my indy bookshop’s day. Love the books! Librarian at Leisure in Kansas.

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