Hitting The Swede Spot

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At the end of the month, London’s uber-cool Roxy Cinema in Borough is hosting Swede Dreams here.

‘Star Wars Uncut’ plays next weekend in this mini-festival of homemade tributes to Hollywood titles. Alongside numerous shorts, the line-up also includes Night of the Living Dead Reanimated, an all-animation equivalent of Star Wars Uncut, Flooding with Love for the Kid, a version of First Blood made by one solitary guy in a studio apartment, Son of Rambow, Garth Jennings’s feature about two kids recreating First Blood in English 80s suburbia, and the film that inspired Swede Dreams, Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind.

In that movie, Jack Black and Mos Def pass off DIY imitations of studio favourites as Swedish editions; their ramshackle production process is called “sweding”. Eventually, they learn that there is more pleasure in putting their own ideas on screen for a friendly audience, however imperfectly, than in passively consuming big-budget releases. I’ve long been a fan of Swedes on YouTube, and their music/ dialogue mash-up cousins, particularly a trailer of all films where a character says ‘I’ve got a bad feeling about this’ or ‘I’m getting too old for this shit.’

Perhaps the next step will be original content, rather than imitation.

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