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Where Did Everybody Go?

So the ‘Black Hole Of Calcutta’ scenario painted by the press, with zillions of peeps all crammed into the city unable to breathe, failed to materialise thanks to redirects away from the centre. Only it was too successful, and now the place is the quietest it has been for years. I’ll be hitting town today […]

Miscellany 2: Electrons and Paper

1. First today, the writer’s tools. Okay, Mac Mountain Lion OS installed, and the first reaction is – it’s bloody fast and more intuitive. I like the search engine being built into the URL and smoothness of operation, still don’t get Mission Control, and like the dock-based Reminders, which replaces the need for Stickies (although […]

New Interview

Alan Morgan has posted an interview with me chatting about Bryant & May on his site, and you can find that here. You’ll find all sorts of oddities there involving nerds, book trailers and bath salts, all couched in his very quirky writing style. And you thought I was ‘Deep English’.

The Mythology of a London Olympics

My friend Jan writes to remind me of a point about the siting of the Olympics that I should have picked up on, as I come from that area. She says; ‘When you think of the history of that particular site – it is essentially Bow Back rivers and its environs – you probably remember […]

Re:View – ‘Black Pond’

From the DVD sleeve of ‘Black Pond’ (it shot in and out of cinemas too quickly for me to catch it), this looked like a murder mystery – a number of glum people standing around a corpse in a binbag. Nothing quite prepared me for the film, shot on a budget that wouldn’t constitute the […]

PageRipper 1: Readers & Bookshops

As Annie hasn’t yet taken up her guest blogspot, I thought I’d do a new occasional list of thoughts here. 1. First, Fiona writes; ‘I thought I’d mention that you are quite good looking. I shall have to find time to drop everything else and read your books.’ This strikes me as one of the […]

A place where one can comment generally on Christopher Fowler’s books, without interrupting an incomprehensible thread

Here you go, Annie, knock yourself out. Annie Morgan (related to Alan? I’m forming a 3D map of my readers) asked for a comment spot, and in the absence of anywhere else to do so – my web designed having mysteriously vanished – you might like to have a bash here. Today’s picture is by […]

Two parts beautiful, one part deranged

Danny Boyle directed the visually astonishing ‘Frankenstein’ at the National Theatre, so he’s used to stitching together a monster from lots of different parts. Even so, the Olympic opening ceremony must have presented a challenge for him. The sublime highs – Isambard Kingdom Brunel directing the forging of the rings in a river of molten […]

Competition: Want To Come To A Party?

On August 2nd, ‘Bryant & May and the Invisible Code’ is launching in central London. You can win an invitation to the launch party by telling me where it’s going to be held. Here’s your clue. You’ll find another clue in the shot’s title. In case of a tie, the winner will be determined by […]

Olympiad 2: First Day

Off to a flying start with the visiting Mitt Romney suggesting London’s not ready for the Olympics. Guess who’s now seated right at the back of the world stadium, just like Salt Lake City? Lords turned away Mexican archery fans because the event wasn’t licensed for spectators, fearing a ‘King Harold’ moment. The Taiwan flag […]