Monthly Archives: June 2012

The 1952 Weekend

First came a sighting of these salad-dodging John Bulls at The Derby, then mass outbreaks of fairy-cake tea parties occurred around the country. It was like 1952 all over again, only without the rationing that kept everyone healthy. The British weather once more proved to be like a mad old friend who always, always lets […]

The Key To Faster Writing

The QWERTY keyboard was designed to slow you down. Created for manual typewriters in the 1870s, it stopped the keys from becoming entangled as you typed. My mother’s ancient Remington had keys you had to hit so hard it sounded like someone hammering nails into a wall. Then touch typing was invented, but the QWERTY […]

Cool Stadium Tech

I’m not a huge fan of Coldplay; while some of the ballads are pleasant, their stadium-rock ‘Wave-your-hands-and-go-Wooo-ooo’ songs seem generic to the point of parody – but they know how to give a good show. Seeing them at the Emirates Stadium last night I particularly liked this bit of tech, wristbands in different colours presumably […]

Architectural Irony

A few weeks ago they pulled down my local filling station. Then a new filling station was built which looks like an idealised garage from the 1920s, only now it’s actually a trendy restaurant called The Filling Station. What makes it doubly confusing is that the gas station used to sell food. But it’s fun […]