A Brief Respite from Sideways Rain


Admin is cold, damp, chesty and fed up, lacking oomph and zip. His get up and go has gone. Lacking Vitamin D, heat and light in what must be the wettest, windiest, most miserable of miserable summers global warming has yet visited on his home city, he has gone here for a few days, to look for an apartment with the idea of buying a place where he can hide from England’s increasingly frightful weather.

When I told my brother I was thinking of doing this, I was urged on my mission with a rare level of desperation from my usually taciturn sibling. ‘How badly do you need me to get a place abroad?’ I asked. To which he replied, ‘Sell a kidney.’

I shall be blogging, though.

9 comments on “A Brief Respite from Sideways Rain”

  1. Gretta says:

    I thought you couldn’t stand all those Gaudi buildings, admin? Me, I love ’em, so will selflessly offer to casa-sit for that one week per year when you have nice weather in Blighty.

  2. John Howard says:

    Go admin, go. Jealous, moi??

  3. Alan Morgan says:

    Muchos bueno.

    Up here and it looks like we’ll be flooding again. And you’ve got all the nice food, there in the lower levels of Gormenghast. Where it also flooded.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    Our Fraser River is trying to flood everywhere. The whole interior of the province is under a rain warning (that’s when the rain is even heavier than usual) and I still haven’t thought about gardening much. We’re fleeing south, too. Only as far as Oregon, but fleeing.

  5. mikenicholson says:

    The way their economy’s going you should hold out a few more weeks and a bag of decent groceries and a box of various copies from your back-catalogue could just bag you that bolt-hole apartment.

  6. Vickie in Southern Nevada, USA says:

    Rain? What is rain? What is sideways rain? I can only dream…

  7. Dan Terrell says:

    And here I thought you guys in Neada had a little rain every century or so. And the wildflowers suddenly bloomed, the dry rivers ran again – if briefly, and the little desert shrimp hatched, fed and chased each other about until their small puddle went.

  8. Vickie says:

    You’re absolutely right, Dan…but I haven’t been here for quite a century yet.

  9. Dan Terrell says:

    Nice rejoinder, Vickie.
    When you’ve passed the big cen. let me know if you’ve had any rain; if I’m not around let my wife know, as she’s a good deal younger than I.
    And I’m sure our Admin will still be operating his postable blog then, despite his recent spots of bother with the low flying monkeys. And we will all be waiting the release of Bryant Jr’s *)& May II’s latest novel: Murder at HRH’s Double Jubilee, book #46, series 2. (*)The first reader to correctly identify who carried Arthur’s child without complaint will receive something interesting from the back of the aurhor’s shelf.

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