Strange Shops


This month’s selection of strange shops comes to you from Andalucia, and range from wholesale creepy religious paraphernalia to a sewing shop with a crucifix made from cotton reels, and a shop in Cadiz that sells – well, I have absolutely no idea what it sells, but its window display looked as if it hadn’t been touched for forty years. A great area to visit for all your urgent skull/ crystal ball needs.

4 comments on “Strange Shops”

  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Strange shops are always interesting and one would make a great beginning to a horror novel. Strange apartments lived in by quiet people with strange hobbies are also scary.
    But the most disturbing, I find, are the all-year Xmas shops that smell like a convention of scented candles, loop-play “traditional” holiday “pop” songs, have only all things Xmas tree, mantel top, step decor, and center of dinner table accents.
    I was dragged into one once that had an artist’s stand advert: “$$$ Overstock on trumpet-sounding angels! $$$” I quickly felt the strangling effect of the holly and the ivy, particularly the clingy ivy nd for days after everything smelled and tasted of oranges, cloves and gingerbread figures.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    My sympathies, Dan. I first met the Christmas Shop in Banff National Park and could not believe that with all those mountains, lakes, and wild animals people could spend their time looking for decorations to take home. It was October and crisp so the shock wasn’t as much as the next one I saw which was in July (don’t remember where geographically).

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Oh, that spool cross is just a cross as it is not occupied. That’s a nice bit of work and I like the buttons around the edge.

  4. Shuku says:

    Old music! Or at least a roll of fake old music anyway, in that top picture (it’s Gregorian chant notation, and absolutely fun to sing). And that spool cross -is- nicely done. I’d love to browse those shops!

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