Sod The Staycation


Friends have asked me why I would go to Jerez (see columns passim) for a weekend when it’s so awkward to get to – there’s only one flight on the revolting Ryanair, or else you have to change in Madrid – but I think it’s one of the best-kept secret destinations in Europe. There are virtually no tourists at all, and the event is free. While Dame Stephen Fry is attempting to get us all to staycation in England (it actually snowed here in London yesterday), wouldn’t you rather be somewhere nice? This is some rough footage compiled by our friend Ross the magician. Warning; Those of a sensitive nature may wish to skip the middle bit, which is NSFW, assuming you work in a vegetarian cafe sexing lettuces or something.

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  1. Stephen Groves says:

    Hi Chris,

    I know it’s early days, but Red Gloves is in the long list in the collection section of the 2012 BFS Awards.Hope it makes the short list.
    all best

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Enjoyed the film. All those beautiful horses and carriages. And I see Stephen Groves is at it again.

  3. Vickie says:

    Not my cup of tea, but you all appeared to be having a delightfully marvelous time. Don’t fester over the StayCa table thumpers…just continue to enjoy your well-loved/appreciated adventures.

    “Dame Stephen Fry”? What am I missing here?

    Depressing item spotted during film: IKEA store! How do they rate one? I’ve been writing the IKEA corp for years begging for a shop in NV…but NOOOOOOOOO!

  4. stephen groves says:

    Hi Chris,

    I would just like to say if RED GLOVES fails win an award it so richly deserves, I’m going into my shed and fucking making one!

    all best

  5. Gretta says:

    What would we do without you, Stalky? I hope you post a photo of said award. Stickyback plastic and Fairy Liquid bottles, or something a bit more upmarket?

    It has also just occured to me that there appears to have been no rain, let alone torrential downpours, on this vacation, admin. That can’t be right, surely?

  6. admin says:

    Are you sure, Stalky? I must have read the BFS nominations wrong because I thought it hadn’t been nominated. It’s been nom’d for a Bram Stoker, and there’s one nomination I know about that YOU don’t yet know because it’s not publicly announced until next week!

  7. admin says:

    I’ve just checked – I’m not in the shortlist, which is as follows…
    Rumours of the Marvellous; Peter Atkins (Alchemy Press)
    Mrs Midnight; Reggie Oliver (Tartarus Press)
    Everyone’s Just So So Special; Robert Shearman (Big Finish)
    A Glass of Shadow; Liz Williams (NewCon Press)

  8. mel says:

    hope red gloves wins!

    btw here is the full review from your shelf at green apple books

  9. Guy Adams says:

    You’re on the list of nominations by the members (as is Restoration actually so both our mums must have joined the BFS). Unfortunately, as the voting is over and the judges now vote on the shortlist Stalky needs to go to his shed and get whittling.

  10. Dan Terrell says:

    I am moderate fan of Ikea products, Vickie, so you may be lucky it hasn’t come to NV. The things we’ve bought were okay, the instructions were okay, the time needed to put them together was not always okay, but we have a fine collection of various-sized elbow wrenches.
    A niece living in Sweden, who is engaged to a Swede, reports he maintains that each baby born in Sweden is presented at birth with an elbow-wrench in a durable plastic pouch, which is stamped with the baby’s name and it’s date of birth.

  11. Helen Martin says:

    Don’t tell me there’s another difference in nomenclature between the U.S. and Canada? We call them Allen wrenches. We have some excellent cupboards which we bought at Ikea, one set of which now stores my calligraphy supplies after doing duty as kitchen cupboards.

  12. Dan Terrell says:

    They are known both ways here. Not sure if it’s regional or not.
    My chiropractor is Canadian, a great guy and sort of Marvel Comics Hulkish, but nice and not green at all. We often discuss the differences between up-there,down-there, and over-there English. I find it’s easier to talk to a chiropractor, even when he’s twisted my head under my arm, than with a dentist, who’s packed my mouth with cotton rolls and got the sump pump running. Allthough both like to ask: “Now that isn’t incomfortable, is it?”

  13. glasgow1975 says:

    I’ve always known them as allen keys . . .

  14. Helen Martin says:

    Yes, Glasgow, that’s what I learned them as but for the last 15 years or so, it’s been ‘wrenches’. The custodian at our school always trusted me to have certain things in my library and an allen key was one of them.

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