Spring Into Spain

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Today I’m in the Moorish city of Cordoba visiting its extraordinary mosque. The Iberian and Roman city became the capital of an Islamic caliphate in the Middle Ages. At the end of the 10th century it was the most populous city in the world and the intellectual center of Europe.

Much of the city’s fabric remains and its stunning Roman bridge has been restored, which means that at 5pm on a Sunday evening it was covered in Chinese tourists using their cameras to catalogue everything from litter bins to yoghurt shops.

By nine the town was empty, and it was time to sit in a park and relax beneath the orange trees, watching as roving gangs of middle agree Spanish ladies broke out in spontaneous outburst of song. I love the way Spanish people are capable to forming impromptu singing groups wherever they happen to be standing.

Meanwhile in the UK, it emerged that Cameron had snubbed Hollande and praised Sarkosy, Greece now has Neo-Nazis in parliament and most Londoners will be fleeing the coldest wettest summer since, oh, last year, to avoid the Diamond Jubilee.

Onwards to Granada!

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  1. Bob Low says:

    Thanks for putting these beautiful pictures on the site-just looking at them takes some of the British Spring chill out of the air. I’m curious where you heard the story about Cameron snubbing Hollande-both the BBC news page and the Guardian-who would both rush to publish any story likely to make the Tories squirm- say that Cameron phoned Hollande to congratulate him, with the usual noises about the call being ”cordial”, etc.
    Enjoy Granada, group singing, and all.

  2. Matt McG says:

    Granada is fantastic. When we were there, there were groups of local teenage kids playing flamenco at night. Not for tourists, or for money, but in out of the way alley ways sitting outside bars, purely for their own amusement.

  3. agatha hamilton says:

    Cordoba and that beautiful Mezquita, one of Ferdinand’s better judgements, to stop it being totally destroyed in favour of his cathedral.
    Reply to Bob Low: I think the Cameron snub originated in February when Hollande visited London, and only met Milliband. Cameron allegedly refused to see him, having recently praised Sarkozy’s ‘leadership and courage’. Report in The Independent, 24th April.

  4. Gonzalo Canedo Castro says:

    And the government of Spain is the Partido Popular (PP).
    The PP was once called Alianza Popular(AP), founded by Manuel Fraga and other Francisco Franco ministers.
    I dare to recommend OMEGA by Morente and Lagartija Nick as a Granadino soundtrack.

  5. Bob Low says:

    Thanks, Agatha.

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