Spanish Flee

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They say an Englishman spends one third of his spare time trying to keep his house dry, and having been through the roster of plumbers, roofers and damp preventers for the past eight weeks of solid grey is-it-actually-raining-or-has-the-air-changed-to-water-permanently atmosphere I’m off somewhere dryer – to the mountains of Southern Spain to see my former agent, who decamped from Shepherd’s Bush to the village of Gaucin at the age of seventy, and who now – thanks to the Mediterranean diet and climate – appears to be ageing backwards. I’ll be driving there via Granada and Seville before reaching Jerez in time for the spring Feria, where twenty of us are taking over the old mayor’s house for some sherry and jamon nights.

Plenty of wi-fi along the way, I imagine, so there will be updates. And yes, I shall be playing Nicola Piovani’s enchanting ‘Jamon Jamon’ soundtrack as I go…

2 comments on “Spanish Flee”

  1. Wayne says:

    Have a lovely time, Let hope you get back to a nice Dry UK ….. Does it mean your Swank pad has sprung a leak, what with you going through the roster? Hope not.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Have a lovely time. The music is perfect for keeping your mind off plumbers and so on. They say that el nina is done for now and perhaps we’ll have some nice weather. The little glimpses we’ve had of sun sound like what you’ve been having.

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