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Edith Piaf Didn’t – Why Should You?

A palliative nurse called Bronnie Ware has written a book about her patients called ‘Top Five Regrets Of The Dying’, and of the things people regretted in their lives, intriguingly, being insulted by Simon Cowell on a talent show didn’t make the cut. It’s sobering and often heartbreaking reading. 1. I wish I’d had the […]

Another Christopher Fowler Gets Banged Up

Google Alerts continues to inform me of the whereabouts of my namesakes, but for some weird reason all the Christopher Fowlers in America seem to be in county jails. Here’s the latest. I don’t know what he did, but he definitely looks guilty. Incredibly so. I picture him heading out into the desert at night, […]

Selling Bryant & May

With the delivery of my tenth outing for Bryant & May, ‘The Invisible Code’, I’ve reached the end of my current publishing contract, and indeed all of my contracts until somebody, somewhere picks up some of my new books. They’re written – all I need is the publisher’s nod. That’s easier said than done in […]

Last Riviera Report

After owning a house in France for ten years, a prolonged stay in England eventually leaves you longing for an escape plan again. My friend Polly says ‘run away and you run to seed’, and I see her point; the French Riviera, the Spanish coast, the Greek islands and Italy’s ‘Chiantishire’ Tuscan hills are overrun […]

Pernicious Muck For Kids

PS Publishing has just released ‘Black Cat Mysteries’, a Harvey Comics anthology for which I’ve just written the forward. In the 1950s, EC Comics caused a sensation for their horrific content after Dr Fredric Wertham published damning pieces about the corruption of innocents, and there was a moral panic. Wertham described comic books as ‘cheap, […]

Report From Cannes

This morning’s view from my phone shows the easing of the torrential returning blue skies and – just out of shot – the first of the obscenely giant cruise ships to Cannes (average on-board age; 72). Like Berlin, Geneva, Venice, Taormina and er, Birmingham, Cannes is a trade show town; visit it in a different […]

Stabbed With A Pen

According to today’s ‘Independent’ an author who launched a libel suit over a series of unfavourable reviews on Amazon is facing a huge legal bill after a judge struck off his case. Chris McGrath, an ‘online entrepreneur’, tried to sue Vaughan Jones over a series of reviews on the Amazon website about his self-published satirical […]

Doing The Riviera

My brother said ‘You don’t have a normal life, you know.’ Being my brother, he says this without any jealousy or sarcasm, but with a vague sense of wonder and concern, as if he is commenting on a nature programme in which the animals regularly do odd things. He said this because I’m throwing my […]

April Fool’s Map

What is it about the London Underground system that makes it so prone to practical jokery? ‘Mornington Crescent’ was the ultimate practical joke game, but over at Diamond Geezer they’ve taken things further in one of the more complicated practical jokes built around the underground. There are an enormous number of parody maps wherein the […]

Never Mind The Dialogue, Look At The Cutlery

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the icy water, James Cameron is rereleasing ‘Titanic’ in 3D with a revised night scene, after an American astronomer accused the original film of having the wrong star field for the time and date, 4.20am on April 15, 1912. Cameron is a famous perfectionist, […]