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On The Page

I don’t normally notify you about this kind of stuff, but I’m having a bit of a PR-spike this week (tell you why on Monday). At the moment there are new interviews in Mass Movement magazine here and in the upcoming issue of Black Static, in which Peter Tennant reviews my latest books and runs […]

It Came From Behind The Shelf No.1

A new occasional series about the things I find down the backs of my bookshelves. We have a ridiculously minimalist home but there are still oddities tucked away and forgotten about behind the books. I have no recollection of where this came from. It’s one of the oldest books I own, an English dictionary from […]

Rufus & Books – What’s Not To Love?

Your Dinner’s In The Furnace

The Lazarides pop-up restaurant/ art experience returns shortly for more strange and atmospheric nights in one of London’s most mysterious (and secret, as it’s yet to be named) sites around town. The last one, entitled ‘Hell’s Half Acre’,was apparently great – I missed that but will go to the next, here. Pics come via Londonist.

The Different Worlds of Bryant & May

I’ve just received the British cover art for ‘Bryant & May and the Invisible Code’ and it’s sensational. The artist, David Frankland, just goes from strength to strength. I’m also in the middle of a quadruple edit – my most complex ever. First I’m doing the US edit, then tackling the UK notes, then I […]

Farewell, William Finley

A lot of wonderful character actors came out of US movies in the seventies. William Finley was the star of ‘Phantom of the Paradise’ and ‘Sisters’ (retitled in the UK, ‘Blood Sisters’) and appeared in Tobe Hooper’s ‘The Funhouse’ as a failed magician. His hopelessly credulous but slightly forlorn face made him perfect as an […]

A Very Brief History Of Reading

Everyone’s history of reading is personal. As the unnamed teenager who was asked about the history of London said; ‘It started with me. It ends with me.’ In other words, we can only see it from our perspective. Here’s mine; There was a time when literature was a hobby for those with an education, something […]

Upcoming Appearances

I’ll be appearing in several venues around the country this summer, starting in the capital at Lewisham on Tuesday May 22nd at 8pm, with some London-themed fun. The panel will comprise Craig Taylor (from the excellent ‘Londoners’), me and Tom Jones (from cool website ‘Tired of London, Tired of Life’), and will be chaired by […]

The Gun Thing

There’s a shocking moment in the play ‘Assassins’ when a crazy woman gets a gun out of her handbag and fires it into the audience. Most of us have never seen a gun before, let alone had one pointed at us, so the gesture is unnerving. I’ve grown up in a society where a gun […]

Re:View – ‘Cabin In The Woods’

*No Spoilers* Destined to be adored by postmodernist critics, this horror/fantasy film was widely tipped to be the next game changer, just as Wes Craven’s first ‘Scream’ film remoulded tired slashers, I went along with more than an open mind – having sat through so many appalling ‘stoned obnoxious teens in a van’ movies in […]