The Weird World of Black Cat Mysteries

Reading & Writing

The next gruesome Harvey Comics reprint – with a foreword by my good self – appears in a stonkingly smart slipcased edition (and there’s a regular edition) from PS Publishing. These are hilariously dark collections of true that are trashier than EC Comics but a lot of fun.

While EC explored the dark desires of the heart, Harvey tended to be more interested in killer moths, remote-controlled scorpions and skeleton cowboys. Nobody in their stories had any redeeming qualities at all. Men chase after their own weight in gold or hotter women than their nagging wives. Women are there to be tied up, drowned, fed to beasts, sold to the Devil or slowly stripped by mad doctors and killer apes.

Even the ads are weirder in Harvey’s world: 20 perfume vials for $2.00! A horrible description of the spread of Athlete’s Foot! And in issue 33 of Black Cat Mystery there’s an ad for switchblades and roses. Thankfully now all preserved by PS for posterity.