It’s All Getting A Bit British

Great Britain

Now, I draw the line at Union Jack tat and those gruesome shops that sell teddy bears in policeman’s helmets and plastic telephone boxes (come on, when was the last time you used a telephone box?) but I have to say I admire Emma Bridgewater’s line of very muscular Victorian crockery and stuff for the diamond jubilee, like this six quid tin tea tray, and an awesome (and awesomely heavy, enormous and at seventy five nicker, uncheap) teapot that goes with it.

There are pint mugs, biscuit barrels and huge teamugs too. Given the amount of tea I get through when I’m working on a book, I should go for the pint mug, or better still, an enamel bucket.

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  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Like the tea tray, but particularly like the teapot, but I go through Turkish coffee. Anything in the line for coffee?
    And after the Queen’s fest, so as not to steal her thunder, what about promoting our favorite pair? Perhaps, by subscription.
    A collector’s set of B & M bookends? May on one side and Bryant on the other.
    Or a nice china plant pot, or a nice pot for a pot plant? A mouse pad that randomly erases files on other machines within 100 feet?
    A tasteful Crippen cat bowl set? But not a horrid plastic litter box.
    Something the hardcore reader can buy at outrageous cost, but with a nominal full-set-of-their-books discount.
    At least consider it.

  2. Steve says:

    Teapot looks a bit garish.
    I ordered a set of small gold Jubilee-themed spoons for my wife, from the Buckingham Palace gift shop. A bit pricey, especially given the conversion rate, but very nice. We purchased a lot of things – coin sets, teapots, etc. for the last Jubilee directly at the Palace since we were living in London at the time.
    As I’m sure Admin knows, having lived in the US for some time, that there are certain things – the phone booths, the “Bobby” helmets, bowler hats, umbrellas, etc. – that the average American associates with the UK and London in particular. I blame old movies. Anyway, that’s who buys the teddy bears and plastic phone booths – American tourists. I’m proud to say I don’t own either.

  3. Gretta says:

    For some reason, the phrase ’60 years a Queen’ is making me think of Danny LaRue.

    An American friend of mine was in France at the time of Will and Catherine’s marriage, and the amount of Royal tat(incl one of those press-out dress up books…the model Will in Union Jack boxers, no less!) on offer there was quite staggering. And yes, miniature plastic red phone- and post-boxes galore, too.

  4. Lynsey Dalladay says:

    At least I know what to get you for your next birthday (and what not to get you!)

  5. Alan Morgan says:

    That first picture makes me laugh. You had a birthday recently didn’t you? ;0)

  6. Gary Power says:

    Oh dear! Seeing you with that tray was a sign. Guilty secrets have to come out sometime. Amongst all that visceral horror etc etc I (honestly) recently found myself drawn to the Emma Bridgewater Diamond Jubilee Crown (a bargain at around £100). It is gloriously chunky and ludicrously appealing – god knows what you put in it. Apparently owners will be able to retire on the proceeds of its sale in ten years time. Now I have to buy one and it’s all your fault!

  7. Helen Martin says:

    Just looked at the crown and it obviously belongs in this set. I assume the colours are the proper colours of the union flag but it’s too bad because a darker red and blue would have been more attractive IMHO.

  8. karin says:

    Dan’s idea for the B & M bookends is awesome! I’d buy them!

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