April Fool’s Map


What is it about the London Underground system that makes it so prone to practical jokery? ‘Mornington Crescent’ was the ultimate practical joke game, but over at Diamond Geezer they’ve taken things further in one of the more complicated practical jokes built around the underground.

There are an enormous number of parody maps wherein the tube stations are renamed after celestial bodies, sports stars, breeds of sheep, scientists, furniture, anagrams and movies. There are maps that give more prominence to the South, ones built upside down and ones in Latin. So when Diamond Geezer announced it was bringing out a tube map of tube maps, the whole thing felt real, if a little self-reflexive.

The essence of a good practical joke is believability. I fell for it, here. And below is a glimpse of the ‘Daily Mail Moral Underground’ map, also at Diamond Geezer.

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  1. Helen Martin says:

    Am passing these two maps on to my so-called helpless Luddite friend, who doesn’t have a computer. It was fun traveling over the lines from Cataracts to Squirrels.

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