I Could Have Danced All Evening


An interesting new trend in East London that’s spreading across the capital; early-nightclubbing. You go there straight after work, party like a wild thing and go home at eleven. It’s been brought about largely because of two main factors – the economic situation and working hours. Such clubs don’t charge a fortune to get in, and the drinks prices are normal, not charged at after-hours rates. And Londoners aren’t getting enough sleep, so this way they still get home at a reasonable hour.

Not that London is a 24 hour city; far from it. The clubs and bars that open late are certainly there, but apart from the West End’s tourist hellholes they’re largely smaller venues known mainly by locals. When I first moved to King’s Cross, the legendary Bagleys 48-hour club parties bounced Deep House bass around the neighbourhood so loudly that you’d see the coffee in your cup shaking as if there was a dinosaur approaching.

The new movement has also appeared because it has become much harder to get late licences in London, so the smart money is on shifting hours. And since the death of the superclubs (largely brought about by the rise of online dating), dance gatherings of any kind have become increasingly rare. The change in working hours has also had an effect; many people do one day a week at home and work part of the weekend, so the old ‘Get home at 6am and impersonate a corpse for a day’ no longer works. And many clubbers now have kids.

This is nothing new, of course. When I first started work we used to go to lunchtime disco at The Valbonne, Kingly Street, just off Regent Street, and then weave our way back to the office. And Sunday afternoons have always been a good clubbing time in parts of London.

Maybe Londoners are wimps and just like to get up the next morning so they can do a bit of gardening and read the papers.

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  1. stephen groves says:

    Hi Chris ,

    Just want to say ”you were robbed” WHC SALT LAKE

    All Best

  2. admin says:

    Was I? Salt Lake? Who cares! But thank you!

  3. Mary says:

    My neighbour named Arthur (believe it or not) is also an early clubber. He’s 93 and raves away at the local tea dance.It starts at 3pm and he whirls away until 4.30pm. His girl friend aged 87, also trips the light fantastic! All power to them.

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