Collectors’ Compo Time!

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Here’s a new competition for all you Fowler completists – that’s both of you, Mr and Mrs Stalky, although I have to say there are a couple of other nutters fans coming up fast behind you…

Listen to this sound and tell me exactly where I recorded it in London. Sorry to be so London-centric, but it’s my prime manor.

The US first edition hardback and the UK first edition paperback of “The Memory Of Blood’, both signed, dated and doodled in by my own fair hand. Sadly this one is open to UK residents only because I pay for everything, and registered book postage is a fortune.

First correct answer, dated and timed by the comment board clock so no arguments, will win. I love doing this. Oh, the power.



12 comments on “Collectors’ Compo Time!”

  1. Ralph Spurrier says:

    I reckon this is the REAL(ROYAL) TENNIS COURT either at Hampton Court or Lords.
    All the best

  2. William says:

    Is it Queens Club? It’s a bizarre noise, that’s for sure. I’m not convinced there aren’t mechanised rollerskates involved somewhere along the line, but I’m sticking with real tennis at Queens Club for now…

  3. Len Tyler says:

    A wild guess, but it sounded like some strange game. Real tennis at Hampton Court?

  4. Glen Mehn says:

    Skate park under the National Theatre on the Southbank!

  5. Peter McEachern says:

    Skate park under the National Theatre on the Southbank!

  6. William says:

    Ok, the real tennis courts at Lord’s, then?

  7. Matthew Watkins says:

    I would say at Canary Wharf Squash Classic in the East Wintergarden.

  8. Len Tyler says:

    Well, congrats to the winner, but who won it? (And what was it?)

  9. South Bank, near RFH, skateboardy ne’er- do- wells.

    Either that or a drunk man in manacles trying to get out of a suitcase

  10. admin says:

    Mr Glen Mehn, who appears to have logged on again under another name four minutes later!

  11. Gretta says:

    Congratulations, Glen/Peter. (Although I think Doc Martin’s second answer also deserves a prize).

    Len – would you happen to be aka LC Tyler? If you are, two of your books arrived in my letterbox this week. 🙂

  12. Steve says:

    How disappointing. I was hoping it was the sound of one hand clapping. Been searching for that for years.

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