Well, That Was Fun!


A great evening at the Kitschies with Hammer historian Marcus Hearn and a packed room of Goths and assorted mad readers resulted in plenty of bonkers trivia-packed tales from the golden era of Gothic horror last night. I swear they put the skeleton on the left to make me look fat.

2 comments on “Well, That Was Fun!”

  1. FabienneT says:

    Popped in at 6pm but it hadn’t started and we had to go after 10mn to get to our gig… Zut alors!

    I’m sure it was a great event, yes, there should be more like these! Will keep an eye on the Kitchies website, had never heard of them before…

    The White Bus organisation here in Southend (http://www.thewhitebus.org.uk/about/)is organising a Horror festival (Horror on Sea: http://www.southendfilmfestival.com/Horror_on_Sea/horror_on_sea.html) next January (2013). Any chance you’d take part in that? Would be fab! They are lovely people and real film buffs and professionals!

  2. Marcus Hearn says:

    Great pic! And it was a great evening. Thanks for making it so easy. I think we could have talked all night!

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