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PAY & SIT: the private bench (HD) from Fabian Brunsing on Vimeo.

In the heartless ‘Pay A Lot For Everything Forever’ modern world, design student Fabian Brunsing has come up with one of the more unpleasant representations of capitalism-gone-terribly-wrong with this bench, which you have to pay to sit on….or else.

4 comments on “Sit On This”

  1. Dan Terrell says:

    Newspaper Leads:
    “Spike in Park Bench Business!”
    “Vagrants Claim Violation.”
    “‘Sunday in the Park’ Revival? Boring.”
    “Revenue Lost! Eastern Mystics Sitting for Free!”
    “Bum Deal For Nannies”
    “Park Bench Piercings! Newest Teen Fad?”
    “Secure Seating by O’Adapto Pad, seasonal colours, shipping included.”
    “City Parks Head Claims Bench Thefts Due to Ratboy Working For Fundamentalist Church”
    Okay, anyone else?

  2. J F Norris says:

    Fabian has seen too many SAW movies. Why am I not surprised that he based in Germany?

  3. Alan Morgan says:

    Bryant & May, The Finsbury Thumb Tax.

  4. Helen Martin says:

    Homeless grateful for newspaper grips
    Fatigued complain of enforced sleeplessness
    Girl displays stigmata after pushing self from bench
    Nanny denies child abandonment charge, claims seeking help to remove child

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