Monthly Archives: February 2012

Acts of Madness

Having read about the cut-throat practices of getting shows into the West End, with successful plays being bumped to make room for others, it depresses me that Olympic visitors will be coerced into seeing shameful old tat like ‘The Mousetrap’ and the genuinely embarrassing Queen tribute show that’s still dragging its exhausted butt across the […]

Shameless Plug

Has anyone seen the huge posters for ‘Hell Train’ on the tube? If so, can they photograph one? For all my tubular travels I seem to keep missing them! The book is available on Kindle for under a fiver – I’m just saying is all.

‘Celebrity’ Set To Return

Well, after my first tentative foray into playwriting, I finally got around to rewriting ‘Celebrity’ taking on board the audience reactions and comments. It had originally been written to run just over an hour because the first venue was small and, I felt, would prove uncomfortable for a longer period. Anyone who has sat in […]