Glasgow At Night


Wandering around in Merchant City, Glasgow, with my phone at night (in sifting rain) for a few rough-and-ready snaps, I was reminded once again what a great city it is in terms of sheer liveability. The downsides – not enough trees, not enough vegetables and not enough use made of the riverside areas – are balanced by the likeability of its population.

As for Barrowland – without doubt the roughest neighbourhood I’ve walked through since the Bronx in the 1970s, well – perhaps every great city should have its street of Prada shops balanced by such an area. Although it was the first time I’ve seen a pub with a sign of an Irishman being hanged outside it before. In other areas I was once again struck by the similarities to old New York, with so many basement bars and high-ceilinged restaurants. Thanks, everyone, for a great time – with the streets still full at 4am you certainly know how to enjoy yourselves! (Click on shot, then click again to enlarge)

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  1. Dan Terrell says:

    That alleyway is the most affecting photo for me.
    It only lacks a pair of legs protruding from behind the last of the red bins. And, perhaps, in the far ground a man’s stooped figure scuttling away under the high safety light, with just a hint, a glint, of a moist razor in one hand.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Agreed, Dan, that last is a most cinematic shot. Someone said Londoners all live in different cities and I suspect Glaswegians do, too. That doesn’t look like the city we visited, but we were out in daylight, not nighttime. That alley probably looks quite ordinary in daylight.

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