Run, It’s The New London Fashions!


As I get older it becomes harder to find anything to wear that doesn’t make me look like either Dave Stewart or Bruce Forsyth, but the rack choice is now between ‘Young & Clueless’ and ‘High-Waisted Slacks Found At The Back Of Local Newspaper’. Failing that, I could simply go out as ‘Mental Patients Find The Key To The Secure Ward And Make A Run For It’, like these poor deranged souls. I see one of the Flowerpot Men has sneaked in at the back.

4 comments on “Run, It’s The New London Fashions!”

  1. Wayne says:

    You need one of those all-in-one outfits like the guys round town wear…. LOL 😉

  2. Gretta says:

    Oh dear Gods. They somehow manage to make chav shell suits seem like a viable option.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Let’s see, “We’ve got to do something about male fashion; it hasn’t changed in a hundred years.” “Oh, not just talking about changing collars, lapels and tie widths, I guess.” “No, I want to see something *really* different.” Something like that?

  4. Steve says:

    I have for some reason accumulated a closet full of expensive clothes. I never wear them. Jeans, T-shirts, sneakers (or trainers if you like) or sandals. I hardly ever wear my Beatle Boots. Yes, I have a pair. Really.

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