Fun Idea Of The Week


There’s a petition knocking around to speed up arrival on tube platforms during the Olympics. Given the extreme steepness of tube station escalators (and anyone who has read ‘Bryant & May Off The Rails’ knows I have a bit of a phobia about them) you can imagine some spectacular accidents at the bottoms of the slides, sort of like a really steep bowling alley with the commuters as pins. Yes, it’s Waterloo via Charing Cross and a broken leg!

2 comments on “Fun Idea Of The Week”

  1. Gretta says:

    Pfft. What’s a broken leg between friends? Anyway, it would be good practice for emergency evacuations on flights. Speaking of, I’m surprised RyanAir don’t use this as the standard mode of exit from their aircraft.

  2. Nikki-ann says:

    I hate the long, steep tube station escalators and always imagine (as I’m stood on one) the damn things evolving into slides and me sliding to the bottom at great speed, screaming… That’s what fear does to you!

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