Acts of Madness

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Having read about the cut-throat practices of getting shows into the West End, with successful plays being bumped to make room for others, it depresses me that Olympic visitors will be coerced into seeing shameful old tat like ‘The Mousetrap’ and the genuinely embarrassing Queen tribute show that’s still dragging its exhausted butt across the stage of the Dominion Theatre – but it’s worth remembering that there are gems in the dross.

Currently hot again is the cabaret at Madam JoJo’s, which is keeping alive the spirit of Flanders & Swann with clever small-scale shows. Songwriter Ty Jeffries, son of the character actor Lionel Jeffries, is proving a hit with ‘Miss Hope Springs’ at the Leicester Square Theatre, and I’ll be schlepping to Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre, Walthamstow E17 to see ‘Love & War’ at this remarkably good little fringe venue.

One of the problems of keeping up with plays and bands at the moment is the sheer randomness of finding out about them in time to get tickets, which is why I recommend this site for discount tickets and upcoming entertainment news.

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  1. Helen Martin says:

    I hear there is a classical orchestra doing the round of pubs in London. Heard a tape of a Purcell sinagalong from one performance. There’s a 6 pound cover charge, I understand.

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