‘Celebrity’ Set To Return

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Well, after my first tentative foray into playwriting, I finally got around to rewriting ‘Celebrity’ taking on board the audience reactions and comments. It had originally been written to run just over an hour because the first venue was small and, I felt, would prove uncomfortable for a longer period. Anyone who has sat in the King’s Head Theatre since they abandoned their short sharp plays and started producing operas will know what it’s like to sit suffering for hours in an unsuitable room.

The result is that ‘Celebrity’ now has an entirely new second half, and at nearly twice the length I hope it will return with bigger and better staging than before this year, at a larger venue. All I have to do is raise the dish on the strength of the script. Was there ever a tougher test of a writer’s worth? It’s like going ‘Here, I made this, what will you give me for it?’

I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to keep my original leading lady Victoria Jeffrey in place, as the piece wouldn’t be the same without her. She’ll be bringing a new play to the West End soon starring Krister (‘Wallander’) Henriksson. I also hope to be able to bring ‘Celebrity’ North this time, as we had promised to do before.

3 comments on “‘Celebrity’ Set To Return”

  1. Alan Morgan says:

    By north you don’t mean Turnpike Lane do you? But seriously, I’m only in the smoke twice or so a year and missed it by a day last time. Are you thinking Manchester-north (which is the Midlands) or scary-trouser north, Chris?

  2. admin says:

    Manchester North – ‘That’s as far as I’ll go’ – copyright coach-driver, ‘Dracula, Prince Of Darkness’.

    Actually I quite like Glasgow. I’ll go there.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Good luck with this, Chris. People seem to have enjoyed the original so the improved version should be a real barn burner.

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