Monthly Archives: January 2012

Hauntings and Nail Bars

I’ve mentioned documentary maker Adam Curtis here before, and over the last year I’ve managed to track down all of his extraordinary polemics-on-film that seem to have a very polarising effect on his viewers (argument is a good thing – there are too many tentative opinions on websites). Now he’s assembling a vast amount of […]

Oi! No More London Gangsters!

Okay, it’s a tad too long but this fake trailer makes the point nicely. I particularly liked ‘Wot’s all this space over my head?’ ‘It’s overly stylised.’

Getting The Horn

What’s going on here then? This is Cuckold’s Point, Rotherhithe, at a sharp bend on the Thames near the church of St Mary and the Angel pub. The name came from a post with a paid of horns on it that marked the starting point of the riotous Horn Fair, a carnival that end from […]

The Mosques Of London

I wanted to post this after reading the depressing remarks on YouTube that accompany films of old London streets about ‘how nice London looked when all the residents were white’. London is famous for its churches (and its pubs) but people rarely talk about its mosques. Historically, London has a strong connection with the Islamic […]

London Skies Get Weirder

First we had this at dawn the other day in Trafalgar Square (it turned out to be advertising something), and now we’ve got the Aurora Borealis visiting for a few days, although I sat out on my terrace last night and failed to spot it. Presumably when it does appear it will be accompanied by […]

Why Men Care Less About Fashion

Givenchy were rightly fearful of menswear from Paris Fashion Week being ridiculed. This outfit wasn’t even the silliest on the catwalk, but it did have the most hilariously understated caption, which read: ‘It’s difficult to imagine Givenchy’s latest looks making the transition to the high street.’ Although if you’re intent on looking like a cross-dressing […]

On The Inside Looking Out

There are so many quotable lines in the voiceover of this gruesome Rank ‘Look At Life’ short, suggested by Mark Valentine, one hardly knows where to start. This one’s about London members’ clubs, and how depressing were they? How badly lit, dull and vaguely grubby everything was! Watch any of these short films on YouTube, […]

The Duplicity of Walking in London

I spend too much of my life underneath London. But yesterday was one of those days that blasted through every possibility in the English weather lexicon, from soaking drizzle to blazing sunshine and windstorms. Obviously the ideal day for a city walk. Starting at King’s Cross, I headed to Clerkenwell and the city, stopping at […]

The Stay-Or-Go Dilemma

When I was a kid I felt close to the US mindset because I read so many US books and magazines. When I went there to live, people thought I was American because I quickly adopted the language tropes if not the accent. They probably just thought I went to an old university. I was […]

Bryant & May Locations

Here’s a new one – it’s the flat Arthur Bryant and his landlady Alma move to in ‘Bryant & May and the Invisible Code’. It’s in an Edwardian block in Whidbourne Street in Bloomsbury. It’s social housing, very quiet and rather graceful in the rain.