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Running websites is a trial-and-error system, and you learn more with each passing day, so there will shortly be some changes. It’s becoming clear that the Peculiar Crimes Unit site isn’t working for several reasons – it’s consistently targeted by massive amounts of spam and requires a lot of maintenance. And in many ways it’s a ‘dead’ site, with only occasional updates and no two-way traffic, so I’m going to close this site and transfer the Bryant & May content back onto the main site, which will get a tidy-up and become a one-stop site for everything Fowlerish that’s good and decent in this spinning globe we proudly call the Earth.

We’re planning to look into an app, or at least a way of viewing the site properly on iPads, and it will be easier for me to have everything under one roof, as there’s a lot of cool stuff coming up. If there’s anything else you’d like to see, speak now or belt up.

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  1. Peter A says:

    Christopher, iPads/iPhone etc – take a look at the ‘responsive design’ templates for WordPress.

  2. BangBang!! says:

    An IPad app would be ace!!

  3. Anchovee says:

    How about a forum? Sometimes comments turn into interesting discussions/observations only to drop off the page as new blogs are posted. Categories possibly as per top left with maybe a non’B&M’ forum for the stand-alone novels?

  4. Dan Terrell says:

    Second all you write, Anchovee. This is a civil and most interesting blog with, as you say, some stimulating dicussions/observations dropping away too early. The PCU (Ir)regulars need a place to meet.

  5. Ford says:

    Is there a B&M pub trail??

  6. Red Wolf says:

    While forums are great for fans, they’re hard work for site owners, especially when they start to attract trolls.

  7. Gretta says:

    I would love a forum too, but I fear Red Wolf is correct about trolls and being labour-intensive.

  8. matt says:

    I lived the complete Bibliography you use to have on the old site not the shortened version you find here. It would be nice to see that again and also the book covers were a great feature. If they are still here I can’t find them.

    I am glad you are bringing back B&M content I didn’t enjoy the other site and found it difficult to use.

    Forums are a tricky thing to get right. I do not feel we need one. However I would like a contact button to post questions about your work that are not covered on the Blog.

    Your contact with the fans at the moment is great and I hope you continue to be as active. You get a real sense of being important from being a fan. Your personal involvement is all important and I hope it continues.

    Thank you too for all the books.

  9. Vickie says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Matt’s statement: “However I would like a contact button to post questions about your work that are not covered on the Blog.” Questions AND surreptitious suggestions…

    …because I am reading a non-fiction book written in 2003 by a thoroughly entertaining U.K. author; the book has a most horrifying and fascinating section about this particular subject startlingly appearing periodically in London over the last couple of centuries…a whole lotta “Huh!” while I was reading the London sections, followed by, “Most peculiar — this might be useful as a fab back story/undercurrent in an upcoming B&M!”

  10. Alan Morgan says:

    Forums do work well in my experience, you just need proper rules and a few hard-faced mods to enforce ’em if it’s widely public.

  11. Peter Lee says:

    Please bear in mind that many of us don’t have iPads (or anything else “i”), nor do we have any intention of buying one…

  12. Russ Varley says:

    Can I add my voice for a forum as well? I know they can be a royal pain if they get trolled, but as Alan says, a few rules (no anonymous posting, registered users only posting etc) plus the aforesaid hard nosed mods should make it work. WordPress has plenty of plugins for them. Perhaps a trial for six months or so would be a good way of testing the water.

    The iPad/iPhone app is OK I guess but as Peter says not everyone has one. Also what could you achieve in it that you could not achieve in HTML 5 which is cross platform (provided you have a modern browser)?

  13. Helen Martin says:

    What Would Arthur Say? I’m barely computer literate as it is.

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