The Invisible Code Is Nearly Cracked

Bryant and May

I’m just putting the finishing touches to ‘Bryant & May and the Invisible Code’, the tenth volume in the series. It’ll be bigger than recent volumes, because there’s a lot to get through, and will be published by Transworld on August 1st 2012.

Here’s a jacket synopsis;

Two children play a game called ‘Witch-Hunter’, and place a curse on a girl taking lunch in a London park. An hour later the girl is found dead, inside a church no-one else has entered. So who put the red cord around her left wrist?
Bryant & May are ready to solve the case, but aren’t given it. Instead, they are hired by their greatest enemy to find out why his wife is behaving strangely. She’s convinced someone is trying to drive her insane.
So begins the investigation that will test the members of the Peculiar Crimes Unit to their limits, setting Bryant and May off on a trail that leads to witchcraft, madness, Hellfire clubs, class, secret codes and London’s greatest and most terrible secret…

This one’s a biggie, and seems to have turned out nicely. After delivery I’ll be writing several more stand-alone thrillers like ‘Hell Train’, but I hope to return to Bryant & May if the demand continues. And thanks to everyone’s help, I’m checking out those possible homes for the Bryant & May graphic novel.

10 comments on “The Invisible Code Is Nearly Cracked”

  1. Alan Morgan says:

    Ah, good news! Look forward to passing mention of the Limehouse Ratboy :0)

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    It sounds wonderful. Only eight long months to go before I can read it, which includes shipping time from Britian. (It has been in my Amazon/UK shopping cart since the late fall. Can’t wait an additional 4-6 months for the U.S. edition.) Did you get the idea for having a red cord tied on the child’s wrist from your recent visit to the Holy Land? Will Bryant call on the help of an Expat American singer? Have you been re-reading J.D. Carr and P. Doherty (two of my favorites.)? I admire how you meld so many strands together in your writing. But, Chris, two two stand-alones before the next Bryant & May? And then you’ll see? For god’s sake man reconsider. Don’t try a last case on us, your readers. Remember what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle faced! Are you ready for B & M flash-mob action?

  3. admin says:

    LOL B&M flash-mob action? That would be quite slow, wouldn’t it?

  4. J. Folgard says:

    Oh, ‘slo-mo’ flash-mob action! Come on Chris, you know them youngsters are gonna be all over it! I’m looking forward to both a continuation of the series & the stand-alone novels (and, I hope, a nice output of short stories). Meanwhile, I’m eagerly waiting for my two copies of ‘Hell Train’; as always, I’ll give the second one to a friend with taste. Cheers-!

  5. Ford says:

    B&M flash-mob action????? Would that be meeting on Westminster Bridge with Sherbet Dabs and Bullsyes???

  6. Gretta says:

    I’m having visions of Arthur’s face at the mention of flash-mobs. That’s an entertainment in itself!

  7. Helen Martin says:

    I’m sure I could find enough enthusiasts to create a slow moving flash mob in worn old coats and squashed hats waving canes in the faces of passersby on the Burrard Bridge.

  8. Helen Martin says:

    and handing out jelly babies and sour lemons.

  9. Eliza says:

    Gosh such a long wait for another Bryant and May…. but thank goodness there is one coming. Then an unknown length of wait as you write several !!! more stand alones, oh dear, oh dear. I shall have to reread the complete works on B&M again through 2012 and rewalk their haunts until The Invisible Code is available later in the year. I love learning about different areas of London from B&M books and then exploring them. It would be nice if B&M were on TV and that would push book sales up.
    Let us know if there will be a book signing in London when The Code comes out would love to get a signed copy. Keep up the good work..!!

  10. AC says:

    “… if demand continues…” . Seriously? How can there NOT be demand. In a publishing world that swims in teenage angst and vampires, not to mention angst ridden teenage vampires, it’s so nice to have a book peopled with actual adults and clever engaging stories. Bryant and May FOREVER!

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