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My pal Rick D sends this link to an alternative universe where today’s films might have been made long ago…see the rest here.

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  1. Helen Martin says:

    If the SOPA/PIPA thing passes the US House of Reps and Senate this might well be the sort of thing that could be blocked. And nothing we can do or say unless we know a cheap/good lobbyist in Washington.

  2. Dan Terrell says:

    Living outside the Beltway, but not too far out, I’d like to say “a cheap/good lobbyist” is hard to find. A lot of them have a legal backgound, so that may work against cheap. Hopefully all the fuss will die down, if not for good, at least for now. It’s an election year and I can’t think either the Republicans or the Democrats would want this issue in the mix. But we’re in strange times now.
    SOPA/PIPA sounds to me like a brief stop on the Hell Train’s route. When it roared by here last night – with a fresh load of lobbyists I’m sure – someone in the mail car tossed off my copy of Red Gloves. So goodbye sleep for a week.)

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