Great Achievements Of My Relatives


One of them wrote Fowler’s English Usage, another played a spiv in old English films (Harry Fowler) one was a footballer, and there’s apparently an American Fowler on Death Row. I thought of going to the records at Kew and checking on my family history, on the offchance that one of them had discovered Antarctica or something, but all I could find was this. *sighs*

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  1. Gretta says:

    We also have a footballer in the family, as well as a serving officer on the Jack the Ripper case, and a former leader of Ireland. However…

    …I think the greatest achievement of any of my ancestors was the one who managed to get his death in WWII registered as being ‘killed in action’, when in reality he went head-first into a wall while being AWOL, DIC and chasing whores around the red light district of Cairo on a stolen military police motorcycle.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    My husband’s comment, Gretta, was that he was certainly in action and on a military vehicle, so what’s the problem?

  3. Gretta says:

    This is true. I would have loved to have seen the letter of condolence sent home from his commanding officer. We didn’t find out the truth until the war was over and his brothers came home and ratted on him. 🙂

    Also forgot to mention the Scottish ancestors who were ‘invited to leave’ Kirkcudbright on the next boat out of the harbour, or find themselves dangling at strange angles on pikestaffs in the middle of the village come dawn. Hence, we also have family in Co Wexford.

    Yes, we’re that kind of family.

    Admin, surely you can find a place for Fowlers Vacola Bottling Outfit in a future B&M?

  4. Helen Martin says:

    I now value my Fowler’s English Usage even more than I did. Mine was a book prize at the end of grade 12.

  5. mikenicholson says:

    Didn’t Harry Fowler die recently?
    I hope I’m not the one to break the bad news.

    Yep – died January 4th, in fact. Some nice obits online (Guardian etc.).

  6. Helen Martin says:

    Gretta, was just reading about expulsions of poor Irish out of England and Scotland. And you didn’t have to be all that poor, just unable to get a job. Some people gave up on England/Scotland and had themselves voluntarily sent back to Ireland, with the Irish parish paying the transportation cost. My father always told me that his family was chased out of Ireland for illegal distilling and out of Scotland for sheep stealing. They were coal miners so I think they were landing on failed mines. They went to Nova Scotia finally and some carried on out to B.C. – Nanaimo, where they had a perfectly awful time.

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