Exploding Taste Buds


I can never be sure if Bompas and Parr, London’s iconoclastic jellymongers, are merely foisting some kind of elaborate joke on us all. Their neon funeral jellies, architectural foodstuffs and ouija-board tea towels are impressive, but how often do you want desserts that glow in the dark?

Be that as it may, they’re hosting a night at the Victoria & Albert Museum Reading Rooms. They’ll be discussing and demonstrating their favourite chemicals, encompassing explosives, alcohol, ether, gelatine and aphrodisiacs.

The lecture tells the story of the alcohol odyssey that led to the publication of their most recent book Cocktails with Bompas & Parr. Writing the book’s been a spirited quest as it documents breathable gin clouds, DIY Buckfast, super-sized party drinks and luminous booze. You can make a reservation by emailing readingroomsevents@vam.ac.uk. Tickets available 24th January. Here’s their cathedral jelly, served, appropriately, on the Wobbly Bridge.

3 comments on “Exploding Taste Buds”

  1. Gretta says:

    “…but how often do you want desserts that glow in the dark?”

    Is that a trick question, admin?

  2. Helen Martin says:

    I took one look at that neon green and thought ‘how can I make that?’ The complex cathedral mould is something else, but exploding &/or glow in the dark is the perfect end to a dinner party.

  3. Sparro says:

    If you can model it in clay, you can make it in jelly, although The Eifel Tower would be something of a challenge…. Nonetheless, I am most impressed by the gelatinous St Pauls, although on first view, I thought it was about four feet long.

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