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If New York is The City That Never Sleeps, London has always been the City That’s Very Quiet On A Sunday Morning. Here’s an excellent blog I should have also mentioned, as Ian visits the centre of the city on Christmas morning and notes the rare eerie silence here.

London is now hard to see behind the sheer weight of its visitors. It has always had waves of tourists from specific areas – Arabs in the 70s, Americans in the 80s and now the Chinese, each riding on the crests of financial boom-times.

Tourists largely remain in the main thoroughfares, even now, and a theme of this site seems to be what you can find just around a corner, where foot-traffic falls away. When I’m on a deadline (or the rain is horizontal, as it is today, and the light lower than a 40W bulb) I don’t get out to see so much, but I’m hoping to cover some of the major exhibitions in the coming weeks.

One of Ian’s recent complaints was the amount of light pollution in London from empty office buildings. He noted that one of London’s tallest buildings was ablaze with lights at 3am on Christmas morning. I live opposite The Guardian’s building, which is fortunate enough to have a smart manager who tries to control excessive lighting, but even he couldn’t stop workers leaving almost every light on over Christmas. No people, perhaps, but plenty of electricity.

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  1. Cid says:

    Each year the Boxing Day struggle to get back from one corner of London to another involves waiting for a number 43 at the Bank for a while. No-one there at all, just you and the buildings, excellent stuff.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Some of the lights are the night time cleaners and then the lights are what make up the night time atmosphere, but perhaps put the lights on timers so they’d be off most of the night.

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