Unusual Holiday Destinations 1

Great Britain, Observatory

I’m hoping 2012 allows me some further interesting peregrinations, and was looking through travel pages when I noticed that Sark, the fourth and smallest of England’s Channel Islands off the South Coast, has won the first island Dark Sky award for not having any light pollution. There are no cars or street lights on the three mile-long island, so the Milky Way is revealed in all its glory on clear nights.

It’s also here that Mr Pye, the eponymous clergyman of Mervyn Peake’s novel, grows angel wings then devil horns after God mocks his attempts to transform the islanders. Photos reveal a severe but beautiful coastline and a way of life that appears fairly unchanged despite becoming a tourist destination. It would be a good location of a mystery novel!

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  1. keith page says:

    Well worth a visit; this is like nowhere else, very different to the other Channel Islands

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