How America Lost A Visitor


Not just any visitor, mind – this was the Australian DJ/VJ Pogo, who has appeared on this site several times, and has successfully toured the US in the past. Pogo is no stranger to hassles. His genius mash-ups of old Disney songs landed him in hot water with the litigious mouse, who promptly tried to stop him from mixing songs.

So Pogo switched to Pixar – who loved him and actually commissioned him. At which point, Disney apparently relented and wanted him to do the same for them. Too little too late, guys. Pogo went off touring to the US, but the people who arranged the trip for him, a company called The Agency Group, glitched his travel documents.

Instead of correcting the problem or helping him to sort it out, the US authorities actually threw him in jail! Pogo spent three weeks in US custody, two in a county jail and one in a federal detention centre. And now, incredibly, he is officially banned from re-entering the US for TEN years.

Two minutes spent checking the guy’s pro-civil liberties stance should have brought a waiver, but no. This is the kind of topsy-turvy madness one might expect in north Korea, but not from a ‘free’ country. The people who lose out are the US citizens who are his fans.

With typical ingenuity, Pogo built a model of his cell when he returned to put on his blog.

4 comments on “How America Lost A Visitor”

  1. Terenzio says:

    Sounds like a terrible experience, but I’m curious, if he flew into San Francisco….why was he held in detention in New York which is on the otherside of the country? And to fly back to Australia it would be easier to leave from the west coast of the US versus the east coast of the US… definitely would make the flight longer….

  2. Terenzio says:

    I just don’t understand this….when he went through US Passport Control/Immigration at SF International and the official looked at his passport/travel documents and saw he did not have the right documentation to work in the US, why they simply didn’t put him on a plane back to Australia.

  3. Susan says:

    America, my Sweet Land of Liberty? Maybe we should close our borders to keep potential immigrants safe from us!

  4. Helen Martin says:

    We have to comply with all the convolutions of American regulations or we might end up with our “undefended” border closed.

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