Monthly Archives: November 2011

Listening To Mr Punch

W F Howes, our excellent audiobook champions, are finishing the latest novel and it should be out soon for you to hear. That’s the way to do it! Here’s the cover art (click to enlarge):

An End To Climbing The Lions

The lions of Trafalgar Square have been clambered on by generations of children, but today’s kids are rougher, and think nothing of trying to gouge their names into the bronze flanks of Landseer’s beasts with keys and other sharp objects. As a consequence, the metal has been eroded after 140 years from the original thickness […]

Re:View – ‘War Horse’

I turned down tickets to see the show when an alarm in my head sounded about noble beasts and tearful lads, and indeed, it would take a heart of stone not to laugh at parts of this tragic tale. My cynical stance came from the idea that I would have to watch a depoliticised view […]

European Humour

Mad Rubbish You Stumble Across On The Interweb Dept: This is not the French Fantomas we know and love, but some kind of weirdly ironic European version. Some superheroes have secret identities in which they are hairdressers, apparently. Given the high percentage of smutty jokes in this episode, it’s hard to tell who the audience […]

Let’s Talk About The Henge

This was recommended to me by my neighbour, film director and ace trumpet player Mike Figgis, who shares my silly sense of musical humour. Warning; the song will stay in your brain and do damage. It’s all about the henge.

The Myths Of Romantic Cities

I’ve never liked the whiny world of Woody Allen, especially when he’s in analytical mode (which is most of the time). Even the ‘early, funny ones’ aren’t that funny, although I’d keep ‘Hannah And Her Sisters’, ‘The Purple Rose Of Cairo’ and ‘Everyone Says I Love You’ – but the new film, ‘Midnight In Paris’ […]

London Eccentricities: The Three Devils

St Peter Upon Cornhill is the oldest church site in the City of London’s Square Mile. In the nineteenth century its vicar, clearly a vindictive old sod, noticed that plans for the building next door extended by one foot onto church territory, so he forced the architect to redraw his design and added three leering […]


Don’t try this at home. This July, the 24-year old Seanna Sharpe climbed 285 ft above the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City to perform a joyful, albeit illegal acrobatics show hanging from a double-silk cloud swing she created. Having danced across 26 countries, she moved to New York and graduated in 2010 with the […]

Re:View – ‘Hugo’

Martin Scorsese’s new family film in 3D is a wonder on every level, and there are a lot of levels to be navigated. It isn’t really for children but for the children we might wish to have, literate, smart, kind, healing – I imagine a lot of middle-class English families will be dragging their kids […]

The Alternative Bryant & May

I love the UK Bryant & May covers, but in the early stages we lost our original artist, who suddenly retired after the first beautiful cover for ‘Full Dark House’. Consequently, ‘The Water Room’ had an odd hardback visual that didn’t work, and the paperback became known as ‘the Simpsons cover’ because for some peculiar […]