Go Directly To Jail, Eat Dinner


Wild mushrooms en croute, guinea fowl, quince jelly. The Clink restaurant at HMP High Down in Sutton, Surrey is a gourmet restaurant at the centre of a prison for 1,100 criminals where the prisoners themselves cook and serve food. The Clink is not on the outside of the prison, but bang in the middle of it. Guests have to go through security checks and alcohol is not on the menu, but otherwise it could pass as a smart restaurant in any British city.

It offers prisoners an opportunity to change, to gain experience of food preparation, food service and cleaning qualifications with the chance of a full-time job within the hospitality industry upon release. The Clink’s model is a bug success, and they hope to roll out others in prisons across the country.

7 comments on “Go Directly To Jail, Eat Dinner”

  1. matt says:

    Sounds very good to me, a mate of mine got banged up and longed to better himself. He did, but if he could have had this as a start i am sure he would have been able to do it more quickly.

  2. Sparro says:

    I bet nobody attempts to leave without paying……

  3. Dan Terrell says:

    Hummm…. While it sounds like a worthy and unique dining experience, there is “one fly in the soup” issue. The typo in the last paragraph; “The Clink’s model is a b-u-g success.” Hmmmmm. What was that something crunchy in the clear soup?

  4. Vickie Farrar says:

    What a clever idea: Not only does it hopefully help the inmates, but it adds to the prison revenue. And everybody (hopefully) has a good time.

    You DO sniff out the most interesting places/events/etc…

  5. Helen Martin says:

    I do like that idea and I noticed the b-u-g, too. Our prison used to have a pig raising program and vegetable growing, but somehow that’s gone. Raising food for their own meals apparently was wrong. Perhaps catering for others’ meals would be more acceptable.

  6. Sparro says:

    A prison as a place of rehabilitation ought to have a microcosm within of the society without. Thus it oughtsible to have a farm, an allottment, various shops, churches, cafes, libraries and so forth. Everything, I suppose, apart from a travel agent…

  7. Alan Morgan says:

    ‘I love you honey-bunny. All right, everybody be cool; this is a robbery!’

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