Monthly Archives: October 2011

Why FantasyCon In Brighton Works So Well

Brighton, once the vacation home of the Prince Regent, now more commonly referred to as ‘The Slag Riviera’, has seen better times. Forget its beachfront facade, ruined by greedy developers and dodgy council decisions. Ignore the mounds of trash on the beach that a handful of workmen were hopelessly attempting to clear up. Avoid the […]

Is Britannia the Worst Hotel Chain In Britain?

A couple of years ago I posted about the Britannia Hotel, Nottingham, naming it the skankiest hotel in Britain. I now accept that this is not the case. That honour must fall to the Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton. Coincidentally, it’s also the home of BFS FantasyCon this year, just as the Britannia was. Oh, and […]