Atmospheric London


With the centre of the city currently being torn up to install the immense Crossrail line that will connect East to West, you’d think the backstreets would be brighter than ever, but it seems a lot of the lighting has been dialled down – there was talk of reducing light pollution recently, so perhaps that decision is having an effect.

Either way,as a writer looking for places to set stories, I’m grateful there are still so many atmospheric streets and passages in the city. The Yorkshire Grey is where the non-fiction writers meet once a month for beers and banter, and Warren Mews is just behind brightly lit Tottenham Court Road. Camley Street is just off Euston Road, London’s busiest thoroughfare, which doesn’t ever seem possible to me.

3 comments on “Atmospheric London”

  1. Martha says:

    Camley Street looks pretty much the way I remember it.

  2. Eliza says:

    Great pictures of dark and interesting bits of London, just round the corner from really noisy bits. I left Victoria station the other day and turned up a lane, actually a scruffy alley and found Victoria Square (behind Beeston Place) a moment away from all the traffic. A pretty, quiet square I never knew existed. This is the uplifting magic of London, to suprise you when you least expect it. Quite atmospheric at night.

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Yes, that mews looks right out of Victoriana, except that someone just round the corner has the tv on – black & white it looks like.

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