Sunday Morning in London


When you’ve been away for just a week, coming back to London can sometimes be a pleasantly surreal experience. As I walked through the station there was an opera singer performing an aria from La Traviata, hundreds of Japanese children in immaculate school uniforms were lined up for the Eurostar and a huge map of London had been built entirely out of cakes.

We headed into the West End to see a movie and I’d made a mistake; it was 10:00am, not 11:00am, so we had an hour to kill. In Covent Garden, a massive queue had formed outside the Apple Store even though it wouldn’t be open for another two hours. The people in the queue completely missed this lovely couple, who were selling poppies for Remembrance Sunday on November 13th.

We dived into the National Gallery, to the Vermeers and the French Impressionists, saw the movie, ate dim sum and looked in on an old friend running a beer festival (gratifyingly filled with young people who were really knowledgable about their hops and wheat), by which time it was still only 3:00pm. A perfect autumn day in London.

3 comments on “Sunday Morning in London”

  1. Martha says:

    You’ve just made me so incredibly homesick. Autumn London was my favourite time of year.

  2. admin says:

    Sorry Martha – but it really was a lovely day!

  3. bop vi nam says:

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