Watch The Skies!

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Here’s a terrific read from Mark Pilkington’s Strange Attractor Press – there’s something about the books Mark chooses to publish; they manage to be esoteric and immensely readable. ‘Welcome To Mars’ by Ken Hollings is a timeline that marries America’s postwar conformist social development with its often irrational obsessions about the future, taking in UFOs, TV, film, the A-Bomb, mind control experiments and space missions. It’s a dense collage of facts that is incredibly lucid and fun to read, with a dry wit.

At times I was reminded strongly of Adam Curtis’s terrific documentary series ‘The Power Of Nightmares’, and it’s no coincidence that Adam and Mark are friends. If you’ve never seen Curtis’s work (it’s been shown on the BBC a few times) you can check out some of it on YouTube, and there are free downloads. He uses found footage, newsreels and old films to brilliantly illustrate lectures about political and societal states of mind.

The clips clearance keeps them from official DVD release, but at least the BBC had the nerve to show them. So, if you liked those shows, you’ll love this book and will find yourself reading out sections to amazed friends. Oh, and it comes with a free CD of suitably unearthly sounds, too!