The Dark Behind The Smile

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So what exactly was Defence Secretary Liam Fox’s relationship with pal Adam Werritty? What on earth made it so strong that Werritty would print up business cards announcing his connection with Fox? Did they just like hanging out? What was this, a special edition of ‘Entourage’?

Well, the answer is coming out this morning, and it’s starting to place a more sinister agenda behind old Etonian David ‘Balloon Animal’ Cameron’s vacuous voter-friendly smile. Because it appears that Werritty was acting as Fox’s dirty arm, with close links to a US network of lobbyists, climate change deniers and defence hawks.

Behind Werritty was a raft of businessmen, lobbyists and US neocons in the former Defence Secretary’s defunct charity, Atlantic Bridge, which was set up strengthen the so-called special relationship.

The charity also had a partnership with an organisation called the American Legislative Exchange Council. The powerful lobbying organisation, which receives funding from pharmaceutical, weapons and oil interests among others, is heavily funded by the Koch Charitable Foundation whose founder, Charles G Koch, is one of the most generous donors to the Tea Party movement in the US.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about an apocalyptic novel linking politics with sinister forces, and may have found my research start-point right here.

3 comments on “The Dark Behind The Smile”

  1. Sparro says:

    I was thinking this morning, upon reading the article in The Guardian about the dubious connections, nay, web of deceit linking Werritty via Fox to just about every extremist right-wing group in the western hemisphere.
    Apart from thinking that the Guardian’s journalists have not only exposed the nefarious goings-on in Fox’s life, they’ve actually foiled a major neo-con coup….with links to thatcher, the godmother of it all.
    Anyway, I reflected on this, and thought you couldn’t make this up…
    Over to you, Chris……

  2. John Griffin says:

    Paranoia seems a rational state of mind when dealing with this type of reality. Democracy? Nowhere near close.

  3. Cynthia White says:

    We are so busy defending the Occupy movements and railing at the authorities in Ohio about the mass slaughter of animals on a “wildlife refuge” that this is beneath our radar. However, I am wholesale against the Koch Brothers, their dirty money, their sense of superiority because they inherited the biz from Dad, etc., so will research further. Thanks.

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