Look Out, He’s Off Again!


I’ve just finished this particular tranche of interviews and signings for new books and the ‘War Of The Worlds’ game, so I’m taking a week off and following in the footsteps of Indiana Jones, forsaking London tomorrow for this place. There will be wi-fi here and there. Saddle up that camel!

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  1. Vickie Farrar says:

    Oh, goodie…I love your travel pix and commentary.

  2. Gretta says:

    Sorry to be Thicky McThick, but where is ‘this place’? And I’m glad you’ve chosen somewhere with WiFi this time, admin. I still have flashbacks of your techno-Luddite holiday onboard that lovely wee boat, and the panic attacks that induced.

  3. I.A.M. says:

    Jedda, home of that thing there. Best viewed through a box canyon where the thing suddenly exploded in your vision like some sort of oasis in the middle of barren wasteland. On of the wonders of the world, and a World historical Site on the UN’s list, I believe.

    Totally inspiring bit of architecture. Good for you to go there!

  4. admin says:

    No. (Ed)

  5. Helen Martin says:

    It is Petra, isn’t it? And that, I believe, is a sideways view of the Treasury, the appearance of which IAM described above. It’s in Jordan?

  6. admin says:

    Yup, it’s Petra in Jordan – seen at the end of ‘Indiana Jones 3’ – I’m on my way.

  7. Stephen Groves says:

    Travel warning! Holiday Jonah on way to Petra in Jordan.
    If anyone is out there come back NOW.
    All Best


  8. Sparro says:

    Petra was truly stunning ten years ago, I hope it is still so now. The view from The Siq as one enters the valley and is confronted with Al Khasneh (‘the bank’) is one you will never forget. Even after seeing Indiana Jones make the same entrance, the exquisite beauty of doing it yourself, and realising that the movie was not using a faked-up image, stays in the mind longer than the digital photos that you will doubtless take.
    Go early in the morning if you can; less tourists! And venturing to the building in your photo takes all day, a strenuous but worthwhile trek.
    Also; try and take a venture into Wadi Rhum, and stay the night in the desert; and be deafened by the silence! I was lucky enough to stay with some Beduin, who were most accomodating, made great tea and shared amazing hookahs with us.
    Jordanians are the nices, gentlest people in the world, and that includes the taxi-drivers! Such a contrast to the pushy Israelis living in Eilat, the toilet just the other side of Aqaba.

  9. Gretta says:

    Thank you I.A.M and Helen. And look at all you well-travelled people! I’ve never been any further north than Auckland. *sigh*

    Have a great time, admin.

  10. Helen Martin says:

    You’re welcome, Gretta. At one point I read a fair bit about the Nabateans who lived in and ran Petra. Talk about port fees and protection! Nothing gentle about the Nabateans, although they did provide protection for caravans. I loved your description of your visit there, Sparro, but that’s easier for males to do in that part of the world than females unless you’re part of a tour group & you’d scarcely have a silent, starlight drenched night in that case. I envy Chris but he *will* send pictures and stories back, of course.

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