How London Nightlife Works


I needed a Venn diagram to work out the social circles last night. During the launch of ‘Bryant & May and the Memory of Blood’ we had Sunday Times astrologer Shelley Von Strunckel talking to Time Out editor Paul Burston about pole dancing, novelist Laura Wilson exchanging gossip with crime expert Barry Forshaw, actors Neil and Victoria from my play ‘Celebrity’ meeting artists Martin and Keith, and a host of other mixed-up social groups.

Leaving a restaurant later, we passed the Groucho Club as it emptied of a party celebrating a new Horror Channel season, and were joined by Frightfest guru Paul McAvoy and director Jake West with another member of the celebrity cast, Lucy. One more and we’d have had the full cast in tow!

Gathering more actors, writers, producers and artists, on the way, we all eventually ended up in the Phoenix Artist Club, arguing about film.

The great thing is that none of it was planned but rather evolved from a messy confluence of events around town. I love nights like this. It’s probably why I didn’t enjoy living in LA.

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  1. Helen Martin says:

    Absolutely. You were *walking* from one venue to another and therefore met up with people doing the same. You don’t do that in LA.

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