Hotter Than Hell & Almost Christmas


There are snowmen and carols in Selfridges. They’re taking Christmas bookings at all London restaurants. ‘Super Thursday’ has seen the launch of all the Christmas books. But we’re not buying Christmas books yet – we’re all at the seaside, basking in insane temperatures that have seen London hotter than the Sahara. But those book sales will doubtless climb soon, as we’re expecting…snow.

2 comments on “Hotter Than Hell & Almost Christmas”

  1. Steve Beat says:

    Yep…As you can imagine here in sunny Scarborough were had something of late ‘summer holiday’ boost to the town and local businesses. Couldn’t get a booking in any of our restaurants on Saturday night for the wife and I.

    Most amazing was that THERE WERE PEOPLE SWIMMING IN THE SEA! 🙂

    At this rate we are going to have to adjust the calendar to reflect the changing seasonal weather.

  2. Wayne says:

    Don’t worry folks, it will be snowing by the second week of November….. Then we will all forget how nice this year has been. Just like last year.

    I agree with Steve though our lovely East coast has had rather a boom over the last couple of weeks. I am just down the coast from Steve and we to have the life guard’s out on the beach looking after the sea swimmers 😉

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