Hooked On Really Horrible Music

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I’ve posted about this orchestra a couple of times before, but here comes a new twist!

Almost thirty yard ago, an orchestra appeared on the English music scene that really had something different. Many of its members were classically trained musicians, albeit all to different levels. And many of its members had never picked up an instrument in their lives. The result was a truly horrible sound, sometimes merely discordant, sometimes – as in ‘The William Tell Overture’ – agonisingly out of step and too slow.

This being England, lovers of the underdog, they made several smash hit records and performed around the country. There are rumours now that they’re making a comeback, and it would be interesting to hear if they’ve learned anything.

Meanwhile, remember those awful ‘Hooked On Classics’ medleys that stuck a disco beat under snippets of classical music? Well, it turns out the Portsmouth Sinfonia tried their hand at one of those as well – listen and feel your ears bleed.

2 comments on “Hooked On Really Horrible Music”

  1. John says:

    Fantastic, I remember this one, what is it? 1981?

  2. Helen Martin says:

    My ears are bleeding and there is this throbbing pain at my temples. Could those cannon perhaps be re-aimed into the orchestra pit?

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