The Tourist Attraction Created By Tourists


Like 221b Baker Street, the fictional address of Sherlock Holmes visited by legions of disappointed fans, Platform nine and three quarters (calling it Platform 9.75 would be easier on a computer keyboard) was visited by fans of Harry Potter so often that Network Rail built them one, complete with a porter’s trolley sticking out of the wall.

Unfortunately, as the station is undergoing renovation, they keep having to move it. As this is nothing to really see here beyond a photo opportunity that fans can then stick on their Facebook page, it’s the perfect tourist attraction – you don’t have to spend any time there, and you learn nothing from your visit. So much better than those boring old galleries and museums.

Well, now it’s in its third location in what appears to be a Greek temple on York way, and I have to climb through a line of tourists waiting to have their photos taken every morning. But it will soon have to move again, as the station facade is about to be replaced.

Clearly, fans have a need to visit the shrine of their schoolboy wizard – they’ll just have to keep an eye out for where it pops up next.

7 comments on “The Tourist Attraction Created By Tourists”

  1. Jon says:

    I bored friends rigid about Platform 9 3/4 when the first film came out by pointing out that if there was a platform between 9 and 10 then it would be where all the dull suburban trains leave at the side bit of the station rather than the interesting bit of King’s Cross shown in the film.

    I’m a stickler for realism even in books about boy wizards.

  2. Cid says:

    Are we there yet?

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Nothing wrong with a moment in front of the display. We stood in line at Greenwich to stand straddling the prime meridian and take a photo. Of course we had gone through the whole building first and photographed what remains of the 40′ telescope and seen the Harrison clocks and stood in the room at the top and been freaked out by the experience. Those tourists read all the books, went to the movies and now were visiting the scenes. Problem? Other than them getting in everyone’s way near the trains.

  4. J. Folgard says:

    I think it’s rather funny -but I don’t live in London…

  5. jan says:

    i know i’m daft as a brush but i like that little place admittedly i ‘ve not seen the relocated version of the trolley in the wall i swopped from one suburban line to another when i worked up at haringey for a few months and i suppose at that point it was pretty much near platforms 9 and 10 but it was nice. Nearly always made me smile – if the boyos had been littler i would have taken them there for their photos but by that point they were teenagers who would not have appreciated… DON’T KNOCK IT theres gotta be something good about something created because people wanted a site

  6. Magpie says:

    How wonderful, it’s another good reason for me to visit London; thanks for the info.

    My other reasons have been; seeing dinosaurs, buying posh shampoo and having my photo taken outside the Cyprus Potato Marketing Board (I’m so proud) !!!

  7. jan says:

    Chris did u know that the Abbey National building which used to be on the site of the fictional 221b Baker street? b4 the building was redeveloped (remember the clock dangling in mid air then surrounded by scaffolding) the Abbey paid someone to answer all the Sherlock Holmes letters and liase with the local police concerning the ones where vulnerable folk or children had asked for help. Letters used to be sent from all over the world apparently

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